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About FTA

Free-to-Air (FTA) is exactly what the name implies. Free-to-Air systems do not require package programming; the channels are free to view and there are no monthly programming charges. Free-to-air channels can be broadcast in either analog or digital signals. Currently there are hundreds of freely available channels many of which are international language channels; many others are special interests channels broadcast in English.
No contract is required and owners are able to view all the free-to-air channels that can be received without limitations. You can also view programming from various countries and if you are lucky you may actually get to view programming from your own home country if you happen to have been born outside of North America. You are not obliged to sign up to a contract.
Overall the free-to-air systems are better, especially if you enjoy watching programming in other languages. You can rotate your dish to the satellite you want and watch as many free-to-air channels as you are able to receive.
Free-to-air TV is clearly the choice if you are interested in multilingual broadcasts. For example, if you like to watch Greek broadcasts you have at least 3 channels to choose from; many of which are actually also broadcast over Echostar for a subscription. If you like to watch broadcasts in Italian there are over 5 Italian channels available. If you like to watch broadcasts in Spanish there are well over 49 accessible in North America from various countries in the world. There are over 30 broadcasts in Arabic, and the list goes on.
Free-to-air television is an excellent hobby that will keep you busy with endless hours of entertainment without monthly subscription payments.
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